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What makes our company unique in the industry?
Ross Electrical Contracting is capable of self-performing multiple projects of varying sizes in numerous locations at any given time without the use of sub contractor labor. This is important to our customers because this gives us complete control over cost and expense management.  Self-performing all of our own work also mitigates liability from under insured and improperly licensed subcontractors, and it allows us to effectively manage a comprehensive materials and labor warranty program for our customers.

Why a client should choose our company.
Our customers choose us over the competition because we have been built on philosophies that represent not only financial value, but also the inherent value of peace of mind knowing that you have selected a legitimate Electrical Services Company. We strive to remain sustainable through constant communication, safety, flexibility, and integrity. Clients that award our company with their business are rest assured that we will see every project through not just to completion, but to complete satisfaction.

Technology we utilize.
Our company has dedicated ourselves to constantly improving our operations to streamline any project from conception to completion. This includes the implementation of GPS monitoring systems on all of our equipment and vehicles allowing us to constantly monitor the most effective means of getting you the service you need.  Our electronic dispatching procedure permits us to manage multiple technicians and multiple projects simultaneously. Our technicians daily activity logs are recorded prior to the technician leaving a jobsite. This allows us give you “real time” updates on any current project, rapidly access details of any past project, and assists us in forecasting our ETA’s on upcoming work.

Long term sustainability.
Ross Electrical Contracting actively participates in the recycling of nearly all old and unused materials.  We regularly recycle all old electrical apparatuses and properly handle all gas filled lamps to ensure no toxic materials are sent to the landfill. This is another step in our company’s long term sustainability, but more importantly is a way we can do our own little part in preserving this Earth for our future generations to enjoy.

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Ross Electrical Contractors, LLC is proud to serve all of our customers within Northeast Indiana. Clients with facilities in other locations may be considered. Please contact Ross Electrical Contractors, LLC if you are outside of our designated service area.  

Call for additional information at (260) 668-8708


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